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I fucking love music

2013-11-10 14:25:58 by eatmeatleet

Send me music

My most popular tracks

2013-11-08 05:06:18 by eatmeatleet

1. Mr Agnry faic theme (2011)
Really shitty-happy 4chord song which was used in a popular game and super popular animation. Luck only

2. Slow And Safe (2012)
Just some main menu song that easilly sounded nice once I put it together

3. Aliens Nearby (2009)
This song was for some scifi game project which wasn't launched at all but I produced some tracks for it

4. Endless Dayz (2010)
Collab with some guitar player guy. He made the melodies and I put on some breaks. Was really easy to make but it isn't really a song because it has shitty song structure

dress up game music

2013-11-01 03:03:36 by eatmeatleet

so I got this gig to work on some dressup game music. It's really interesting because it has too be a mix between shopping and porn music

why people make music?

2013-10-11 05:19:30 by eatmeatleet

It takes so much effort and most of it sucks..

recommend me songs

2013-10-04 06:34:25 by eatmeatleet

I'm making a chill/psychedelic playlist. Help me out, guys. Anything goes

recommend me songs


2013-10-02 14:13:35 by eatmeatleet

some bass

2013-09-12 05:59:47 by eatmeatleet

Finally I hear bass properly. Comming up with some bass-heavy songs or previews

Getting new pc

2013-08-27 10:30:00 by eatmeatleet

Already got:
5200rpm 500GB 2.5 drive <3
23'' monitor

B75MA-E33 MSI B75MA-E33, B75, DualDDR3-1600, SATA3, 3xSATA2, HDMI, GBLAN, mATX
BX80637I5347 Intel Core i5-3470, Quad Core, 3.20GHz, 6MB, LGA1155, 22nm, 77W, VGA, BOX
BLS8G3D1609D DDR3 Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB 1600MHz CL9 1.5V

Sum: 1,039.99Lt ~ 401.69$

probably getting one extra monitor. What you guys think? My budget is not very big .. My current pc is 2.2ghz dual-core laptop which is kinda dying on me so this is huge improvement


2013-08-27 07:05:38 by eatmeatleet


take my advice

2013-08-14 07:09:17 by eatmeatleet

If you are meeting an asian girl don't ask for her facebook. There are millions of them with the same name and they all look the fucking same

"I'll be with long hair in the picture"
Yeah, right