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take my advice

2013-08-14 07:09:17 by eatmeatleet

If you are meeting an asian girl don't ask for her facebook. There are millions of them with the same name and they all look the fucking same

"I'll be with long hair in the picture"
Yeah, right

2013 NGADM

2013-08-06 19:32:03 by eatmeatleet

>heavy metal orchestral

I don't even feel like listening any of those genres..
kinda looks like a joke. I remember the good times where at least half entries were EDM.

I think the problem is judges having similar taste. And their taste is shit


2013-07-19 17:47:53 by eatmeatleet

i can make pretty good music if i put some soul to it, I'll try to put in more feels or at least express what it feels like to live at this time and age and be me

My NGADM history

2013-07-17 11:23:28 by eatmeatleet

2011: entered the contest. I think everyone was accepted at that point.

Round1: forfeit win because my opponent didn't deliver.
Round 2 : loss to SessileNomad

2012: failed the auditions

2013: about to fail the auditions

Oh well


2013-07-15 04:45:52 by eatmeatleet

I think im getting dumber by the days


2013-07-14 20:35:30 by eatmeatleet

I feel like you guys are my friends in a sense you know what I mean. I don't even know+

Facebook imperial guards

2013-07-08 19:57:01 by eatmeatleet


Facebook imperial guards

Germany general

2013-06-20 17:12:13 by eatmeatleet

I arrived at Germany like few days ago.. Basically been doign nothing just lazing around the parks trying to hit on girls and finding a job whille not knowing the language.. Try to guess how it went :)..

Pic related: Hauptbahnhopf creeper shot

Germany general

New track :)

2013-06-17 08:37:01 by eatmeatleet

Awesome video game track. Check it. Cheers!

blocking some websites

2013-05-26 08:30:17 by eatmeatleet

A lot of people go about trheir lifes doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts every day.. Which isn't a bad thing.. Unless you aren't getting the results you want..

So recently I got into infinity loop. Most of my time is now being spent on mindless timesink activities.

Talking about productivity, I know what works for me, which is, blocking them websites so that they are not accessible with one click.. Instead of being compulsive it makes my brain stop for a while and think something like "oh right, I actually blocked these websites, I shouldn't be here"

I think being aware of stuff like this is pretty important, especially if I want to be self-employed or at least work from home

Just a quick update

blocking some websites