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Favorite art

2013-03-07 14:11:59 by eatmeatleet

Yep, that's my favorite art

Favorite art


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2013-03-07 14:46:35

That's flavored favorites!

eatmeatleet responds:

hehe you know what i means


2013-03-07 22:08:22

I would like to see some tentacle porn, yummy.

eatmeatleet responds:

i misread tentacle pony, that would be weird


2013-03-09 11:25:44

Same taste as me, also I love your music.

eatmeatleet responds:

you seem to know where the good stuff is at, mate :)


2013-03-24 17:24:32

I became curious, looked at your favs, and became TheShadling 's fan...

Was it normal? ._.

eatmeatleet responds:

good taste, cheers!