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What would your theme song sound like?

2014-05-10 17:57:35 by eatmeatleet

I will make your theme song. For first 5 people!

I will make a short track in my style (based on your profile and your posts)


Taking on commercial jobs

2014-05-07 07:23:42 by eatmeatleet

What's up? I've been getting quite a few messages like these:


First of all, no, you cannot use it.

I can only cringe at such people because they just don't understand how licenses work. All of my newgrounds work is published under CC license. You can only use it in non-commercial projects. And you don't need to ask for my permission, you just have to credit me. This  is obviously a commercial project.. Why are you pretending to be a retard and why are you trying to get a way without paying any money to the artist.. Go to audiojungle and buy the rights to use much better music for as low as 5$.




However, I am really intersted in commercial projects.. From now I am also looking for paid audio jobs.I am looking to make original compositions and get the kinda sound you want for as low as 59$/min.  I can also give away full license to new tracks for 99$/min.

I've already done some awesome requests and my newest sounds are on my  new website, YAY!

Also I am on audiojungle,

Thanks and have a nice day

Farewell Spaceship project preview

2014-01-12 12:13:08 by eatmeatleet




Time management mindset everyone should have

2013-12-29 17:51:55 by eatmeatleet

This is a continuation to a blogpost Why some people get better and others do not

The default time management involves taking all of your items on a to-do list and filling any free time you have in a day to do it, along with assigning your breaks. This model never worked for anyone. Everyone who tried this technique has quit in less than 10 days of doing it. This technique will drive you insane, you will have the feeling "what the fuck am I doing with my life",  you will constantly feel it's not the right thing to do even though you are working on the stuff you decided to work on.

People are creatures of habit. People do 99% of the same shit everyday. People also think about 99% of the same shit they were thinking about the day before. Doing something out of ordinary requires you to undergo massive stress.

My point is, you should start getting the system to work for you, not against you. The alternative is this technique. This is how you do it: 

Decide on ONE habit you want to have in your life. E.g. decide want to read everyday for 30 minutes. Focus on that single habit everyday for ~30 days.. In the first 1-5 days you might be excited to do it :). Following days you will feel massive resistance and will hear all sorts of excuses in your head to not do it. You are focusing one habit at the time, so use all your willpower and resources to push through it and do it despite not wanting to do it at all. At 15th day or so you will undergo a shift in your brain. You will start being pulled towards doing the routine!!! This will happen no matter what is the task you chose. If you dislike the task, take more time (up to 45 days), but bear with it the task and it will become a thing you do naturally and you will stay less and less in your head when doing it!

Once you finish with one habit and you feel confident you'll keep doing it automatically without much force, decide on another habit you want to have in your life. Rince, repeat :)) 

I hope this will help you with 2014 new year resolutions :) Enjoy!


Why some people get better and others do not

2013-12-27 19:50:15 by eatmeatleet

To begin with, there are 3 levels of competence: unconscious incompetence, conscious competence and  unconscious competence

As a starter you are unconsciously incompetent. You begin to make music and you suck at it. Surprise-surprise! You thought you have some great ideas that will revolutionize the current music scene and fans would start jumping on your dick as soon as you release your first song.. But guess what? You suck just like anyone who starts to do anything new ever. No matter how hard you try you suck in the beginning.

Then you start getting better, and once you put a lot of effort and you reach consciously competent level. You can make your music not suck ass if you are completely focus all of your attention and resources and all your money into it and take massive action..

Next comes unconscious competence. This is the nirvana, the final destination every producer wants. This is where  Dr. Dre, Xkore and Hans Zimmer are at. Yes, this state is reachable and it is not a myth. The best producers can just sit down with a guitar and scribble effortlessly for a few minutes and develop the melody into the most amazing songs ever. They have simplified and efortless methods of doing stuff but in  a way that it blows your mind. This level of competence does exist and you should aim for it.

Based on the book "Outliers", once you have 10,000 hours of experience at doing something, you reach a genius level. However, there is one flaw within this mentality. Please bear with me and read the following story which explains everything.


------------------------------ THIS IS HERE FOR FORMATTING PURPOSES


I used to frequent online gamers anonymous website where people share experience, strengths and hope to assist in recovery from the problems caused by excessive game playing. There is this asian doctor guy  who is a Starcraft addict. The Doctor says the book "Outliers" is a lie. He spent over 20,000 hours playing Starcraft and he didn't achieve anything worthwhile within playing it. No major tournaments won, no nothing. 20 thousand hours were spent on TV-watching chips and cola eating tier casual gaming timesink. And he says he is  kind of  mediocore at it. 

Now think Mozart, who was fucking forced to do a piano training whether he wants it or not,  Michael Jackson who was beaten by his father if he didn't sing well enough. They got super good in no time. There was this thread about writers block. David Orr jumped in and said something along the lines of "I always try to finish the song no matter how shitty it is". 

Based on my observations, puting in dumbed-down hours into something does work, especially when you need to get something done fast. But when you don't need anything done you shouldn't look at producing "I'll do it whenever I'm in a special mood". It comes down to doing it when you don't feel like it.  And then comes time to reap the rewards.




Now who the fuck am I to tell you about all this stuff? Yeah, I am not the best musician out there. However I am a self-help junkie. I follow a lot of successful people, and I have consumed quite a bit of success, dating, time management and mind hack material. I learned a lot of mindsets and tips-and-tricks. In the last couple years I was super obsessed about improving my dating life.. now I am also looking at other areas of my life  :)

It does come down to making effective habits that you do everyday. Continue with this post 

I made a twitter, again

2013-12-26 18:22:39 by eatmeatleet

Previous twitter kinda went to shit after mass auto-follow and buying followers. This one is legit

Fruity Loops Fruity Big Clock

2013-12-25 17:45:01 by eatmeatleet

Seriously am I 12 years old again? Why do I find this vst plugin so funny


Fuuuuck me

2013-12-08 14:05:09 by eatmeatleet

I am so relaxed. Chilling with my cat and incense and listening some psychedelic music. Best shite ever. Do you even use incense. Fuuck it's smokey here. 80% smoke 20% smell


Anyone remembers this game?

2013-12-06 16:20:20 by eatmeatleet

3087851_138636472553_Capture.PNGProtip: do not reinstall it. It's shit


2013-11-29 15:08:18 by eatmeatleet

Sorry to spam your recent notifications, I've put many small semi-finished songs., lel

Also, bitcoin is getting crazy. Price of one BTC surpassed 1k and it's chagning by 50 to 100 bucks per day.. Also, search of term "bitcoin" never been this popular on google, not even during the previous bubble. I tell it's gonna crash any time soon.