2012-12-07 14:09:45 by eatmeatleet

Move along. Nothing to see here


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2012-12-07 16:31:22

Posting about it is about the worst thing you can do though. When people see this post it'll probably get '0' bombed into another dimension. My suggestion is to delete this post ASAP before the '0' bombers destroy your good score. It may not happen overnight but it will happen.

eatmeatleet responds:

damn I am dumb. I'll leave this as a placeholder though


2012-12-07 23:28:14

Randomly smashing the keyboard made the day?

jo84yufg9psfihvcpiurh98c3meuvo9euv09[mu5vr9guv g98umerfoiuvu0vic9ruvae984cuq34oci34


2012-12-07 23:29:33

Oh wait lol it was about 0 bomb? You sir are effing dumb! >:(

eatmeatleet responds:

it looks like only people as good as jesus are visiting this page


2012-12-09 14:16:17

Somebody just had to do it.. motherfuckers