SPACE _____

2013-03-03 16:05:39 by eatmeatleet

What's up :P
I am currently working on a spaceship game track. It will be a full song, some 4-5 mins

To get you in the mood I uploaded a short space song I made in the past



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2013-03-04 17:27:59

All these boring posts are all about music... "Heyz check out my newz song!"

(Updated ) eatmeatleet responds:

This is my page so I am allowed to do it here. Most of my posts are not about songs but I get your point. I'll try to think more about the reader.

Thanks for honest opinion :)


2013-03-05 11:27:13

:3 Why can't people detect sarcasm??! No fun...

eatmeatleet responds:

you got me right there