blocking some websites

2013-05-26 08:30:17 by eatmeatleet

A lot of people go about trheir lifes doing the same things and thinking the same thoughts every day.. Which isn't a bad thing.. Unless you aren't getting the results you want..

So recently I got into infinity loop. Most of my time is now being spent on mindless timesink activities.

Talking about productivity, I know what works for me, which is, blocking them websites so that they are not accessible with one click.. Instead of being compulsive it makes my brain stop for a while and think something like "oh right, I actually blocked these websites, I shouldn't be here"

I think being aware of stuff like this is pretty important, especially if I want to be self-employed or at least work from home

Just a quick update

blocking some websites


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2013-05-26 10:44:51

why don't you just shut off the internet down dude

(Updated ) eatmeatleet responds:

very smart but I really need to use skype at this point


2013-05-28 12:53:00

Coo then why you don't add me (skype on profile)
Btw (g)old avatar

(Updated ) eatmeatleet responds:

thanks sydonai. Added you, slut


2013-06-01 16:53:28

LoL > DotA

eatmeatleet responds: