Buttcoins are on the rise again

2013-11-13 10:56:20 by eatmeatleet

At around year 2020 you see an ufo loaded with aliens visiting earth, buying bitcoins and declaring it the universal currency


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2013-11-14 07:38:17

I should've invested in this years back... feels like it's too late to make a profit now. :/


2013-11-15 00:38:47

@Cyberdevil you should invested when it was around $50

It's nearly $420/BTC right now. I bought 7000 coins back in 2010. $2 millions. But don't be jumpy, we're approaching another bubble.


2013-11-15 00:43:45

I predict it will die down to at least $70 in the end of this year. Buy it at that time, the next bubble will even become bigger.

This bubble is caused by the Chinese. They invest BTC rather than gold so that's why the price soared.

eatmeatleet responds:

I've heard some speculations that shit could go down as early as November 18th :) I wouldn't be too confident it will hit less than a hundred bucks


2013-11-15 05:11:28

@Elitistinen whaaaat, you have $2 million?! Did I misunderstand that? O_o Yeah I saw on the news some dude had bought a few coins when they were worth $5, now worth... millions. If they do go down to less than $100 I'll consider investing!

(Updated ) eatmeatleet responds:

yeah, make a blogpost about BCoins, Elitistinen, pls. We don't need to know how much you have. You defs have a lot (:


2013-11-15 07:57:09

I would like to know though, money is an interesting matter. :P

eatmeatleet responds:



2013-11-15 22:52:48

Shit it's just died down to near $420 :( deja vu

eatmeatleet responds:



2013-11-19 01:51:54

You gotta love this


eatmeatleet responds:

it's crazy


2013-11-26 15:07:32

Buttcoin just hit $870... Fuck me if it hit $1k

eatmeatleet responds:

fuck you :)