Taking on commercial jobs

2014-05-07 07:23:42 by eatmeatleet

What's up? I've been getting quite a few messages like these:


First of all, no, you cannot use it.

I can only cringe at such people because they just don't understand how licenses work. All of my newgrounds work is published under CC license. You can only use it in non-commercial projects. And you don't need to ask for my permission, you just have to credit me. This  is obviously a commercial project.. Why are you pretending to be a retard and why are you trying to get a way without paying any money to the artist.. Go to audiojungle and buy the rights to use much better music for as low as 5$.




However, I am really intersted in commercial projects.. From now I am also looking for paid audio jobs.I am looking to make original compositions and get the kinda sound you want for as low as 59$/min.  I can also give away full license to new tracks for 99$/min.

I've already done some awesome requests and my newest sounds are on my  new website, http://eatmeatleet.appspot.com/ YAY!

Also I am on audiojungle, http://audiojungle.net/user/eatmeatleet/portfolio

Thanks and have a nice day


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2014-05-07 13:27:55

Classy. Well, you know that he'll use your music anyway.

eatmeatleet responds:

not cool :/


2014-05-10 14:41:55

Sad but true....

eatmeatleet responds:

i think there are big misunderstandings about music licenses