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New remix

2017-07-24 16:19:07 by eatmeatleet

I made this remix of an old lithuanian track. Not posted here because obvious rip. I will probably be doing more of remixes and rips etc


new skype

2017-04-13 03:46:39 by eatmeatleet


Life update - PHP

2017-03-20 19:21:25 by eatmeatleet

You might have heard of PHP programming language.. I have been working with PHP for 4 years. I have been focusing a lot to get better and to earn more money...  Feels kind of soulless but it's pretty chill. 

In Vilnius to be a good PHP programmer you have to know a PHP framework, more specifically, Symfony PHP framework. Then you can have a lot of job options and make good cash (by local standards, at least).

I was pretty lucky to have a good senior dev to work with together, in a 2 man team for last 7 months of 2016 and learn many things. However, that company miserably failed and we parted.

Since 2017 I got a new job. Now I am working from home as a remote developer :))

My girlfriend has also started to learn programming - she has learned HTML, Javascript and Bootstrap in one month :)) 

I hope you guys are doing well. If you have PHP troubles I might be able to help


Few tips on people and "friends"

2017-03-06 07:41:14 by eatmeatleet

People who are vengeful and hold grudges and act on their grudges are the worst type. Cut them out of your life as early as possible.. Dangerous to your life... 

Do not try to cause drama or react or give them attention. Disassociate and be polite and hope that they will not come back with revenge.

I have never been a vengeful man, in fact, quite the opposite. Someone is testing my goodness. I am not going to freak out. I am going to stay calm and keep on with my good life.

Let him be alone with himself - shitty stupid person that he is in a prison of his own mind.

Prehistoric rhinos

2017-03-04 21:13:31 by eatmeatleet


Foud a cool chrome hack

2016-05-27 08:42:38 by eatmeatleet

Go to chrome://flags/#disable-smooth-scrolling

disable smooth scrolling at the top (wil have less lag and browser will work faster). I can't imagine how I worked with it on for so long


great track

2016-03-09 12:32:58 by eatmeatleet



2015-10-01 00:46:21 by eatmeatleet

25 years old. Now I feel on par with Chronamut and Dem0 and other big boys. Darn time flies

My song used in BBQ Baked Beans & Sausage

2014-10-21 15:08:30 by eatmeatleet

Well I sure didn't see that comming haha. The track is like 5 years old



What the hell did I watch

2014-09-21 08:39:53 by eatmeatleet

Some of the best youtube tryhard rap: